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Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Blues and Beauty

I think it's safe to say that a majority of the continental U.S. has had enough of winter. We have  had some pretty terrible snow storms across the states and we still have another month to go of potential bad weather. How does this relate to beauty? Well, there's a theory that winter is considered the season of death (vegetational death that is), gloom and people tend to be in depressing moods. Personally for me, I have these emotions associated with winter at times I lack the desire to be social, or take more time in my beauty regimens such as; makeup applications, shave less (don't judge me), skin care. I guess my subconcious is telling me that I'm covered up, only thing thats exposed is my neck and face. Well it dawned on me suddenly that the winter is the season that I should probably take more initiative into my beautification and skin care regimens because of the effects the cold, dry climate has on my skin and on my state of mind. As shallow as it may sound when you look good you feel good and feeling good obviously helps you get through some tough times. If you're a woman who tends to get a little down during the winter and find yourself lacking in your beauty regimens consider the following tips to get you on the right track to looking your best and feeling your best:

1. If your snowed in take advantage of the down time of life....pamper yourself with some home remedies. Take a long bubble bath and exfoliate. If you have oatmeal , milk, and a lemon you can make a great mask to exfoliate and get rid of the dry dead skin on your face and feet. Don't forget to moisturize! Lotion up with a good cocoa butter or shey butter lotion. They hold moisture better than regular lotions. Make sure you use a "facial moisturizer" for your face....body lotion is NOT GOOD for your face but that is a whole different topic.

2. Play with some makeup, if your not the best self applicator check out some youtube tutorials on makeup looks and try them out. You will be surprised how simple the steps are and you might discover a great new look. I find that most of the tutorials are related seasonally so discover a great winter look.

3. Take the time to talk to yourself....write down what you like about yourself and what you don't. List some things that you would like to improve on or some activities that you would like to do. This is the purpose of self evaluation and gives you time to look at yourself more intimately. I would suggest making it a "goal' list. Goals tend to bring out positive thoughts because its a feeling of anticipation for something good to happen for us.

Remember beauty is not a seasonal trend. It's important to look and feel our best 365 days a year!

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